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Red Bloc was born in 1989. He has a strong passion for electro music and for soccer. his favorite team is Livorno. Red Bloc was never interested in trendy or rich clubs, infact, when he was a teenager he used to love being involved in political activities then, from there, he decided to follow his passion for music, discovering the world of “Drum and Bass”. In 2009, Red Bloc went to his first rave party, which it was very new for him. He discovers another and different type of music that completely changed his life: “tekno”. Thanks to GOA parties he strongly developed new musical knowledgments and in the mean while he started to appriciate “Techno Acid”. Red Bloc had the opportunity to play as a DJ Set with Neurotic Revolt Crew, a band that brings the “Neuro Drum music” into a stronger and appealing sound. They play in a lot of clubs and in Live Sets where they present, also, their project. He loves to create different variation in his music starting from a minimum of 140 bpm to a maximum of 175 bpm. In 2015, he played for the Neurotic Revolt crew truck, for the special annual street parade in Pisa: “Canapisa”.




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Bruit was born in 1994 in Tuscany. Since his childhood he discovered music as a passion. He started to play the piano when he was a child. Growing up he got involved in underground parties, discovering a new world that brought him to a new sense of freedom: electronic music. He began to produce it, concentrating particularly on Acid Techno. His music is defined as “dark atmospheres”, accompanied by melodic sounds, inspired by Aphex Twin and Plastikman. His musical passion is not limited to only techno music, but it moves towards the sound of “Drum & Bass” and “Psy-Trance”. In fact, in 2015, he played as a DJ guest for the Neurotic Revolt crew truck, for the special annual street parade in Pisa: “Canapisa”.



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Hi! My name is CHIQUI. I was born on August 15th 1980 in Budapest. Already as a child i have listened to lots of electronic music. Than in the 90’s it was clear to me that this type of music is what i love and the electrical stlyle was my world.It was an unforgetable moment for me when i heared the hard core rave song from the band ULTRA SONIC.That sound just blew me away! … the screaming crowd in the back and the many sound effects.In 2000 i teamed up with a guy who made trance style songs since 1998.We made a couple of songs together.Since 2011 i’m composing songs alone.I have tried to make all types of sounds like hard core,ravebreakbeat,eurodance in old school style and started uploading them into Soundcloud.I also got the chance to appear in “Strictly Nu Skool” it’s called ROCK THE BEAT. The artists who inspire me are ULTRA SONIC, SY – KICK , THE PRODIGY , RECKLESS and many more. KEEP OLD SKOOL ALIVE!




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Hello, my name is Francis and I am 22 years old from San Miniato. I have no recognized musical skills and i’m not a gangster, this is just my latest attempt to give others a legitimate reason to be judged; very similar to the scene of a father who beats his capricious son upstairs.



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logo W_rosso

He began listening electronic music during 90’s, and over the years he experienced lots of genres: from progressive to trance, form club techno to acid and tribe, up to 2010 when he discovered drum and bass. Also if he prefers dark and acid sounds, there is always some space for the melodic side of electronic music, flowing sometimes in ambient and idm.




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Ideator of Ladder Underground Records, DJ Paranoia was born in 1993 in San Miniato, Pisa. At the age of 14 he started playing drums affascinated by rock music; after 4 years of study he cut off drums for computer music: he discover drum machines and  fell in love with hip hop instrumental. Some time later, while he was in london, met for the first time old school jungle. His mind has never come back home!




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Big Beat

Big Beat was born in 1991 in San Miniato (Pisa,     Tuscany). He started to study music at the age of 16 learning to play guitar enjoying the sounds of rock,reggae and ska music.
Later he discover electronic music like drum’n’bass,  jungle and underground Tekno ispirated by artist like ShyFX, MkUltra, Mbeat, Alex Reece, 2badMice, FoolPlay, Spiral Tribe, Acid Anonymous, Kernel Panik, Tomahawk, Desert Storm. He start to produce first tracks ispirated by old school breaks exploring
multiple sounds of the electronic music