Red Bloc was born in 1989. He has a strong passion for electro music and for soccer. his favorite team is Livorno. Red Bloc was never interested in trendy or rich clubs, infact, when he was a teenager he used to love being involved in political activities then, from there, he decided to follow his passion for music, discovering the world of “Drum and Bass”. In 2009, Red Bloc went to his first rave party, which it was very new for him. He discovers another and different type of music that completely changed his life: “tekno”. Thanks to GOA parties he strongly developed new musical knowledgments and in the mean while he started to appriciate “Techno Acid”. Red Bloc had the opportunity to play as a DJ Set with Neurotic Revolt Crew, a band that brings the “Neuro Drum music” into a stronger and appealing sound. They play in a lot of clubs and in Live Sets where they present, also, their project. He loves to create different variation in his music starting from a minimum of 140 bpm to a maximum of 175 bpm. In 2015, he played for the Neurotic Revolt crew truck, for the special annual street parade in Pisa: “Canapisa”.




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