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Posted in Artist on maggio 22, 2014 by ladderunderground

Hi! My name is CHIQUI. I was born on August 15th 1980 in Budapest. Already as a child i have listened to lots of electronic music. Than in the 90’s it was clear to me that this type of music is what i love and the electrical stlyle was my world.It was an unforgetable moment for me when i heared the hard core rave song from the band ULTRA SONIC.That sound just blew me away! … the screaming crowd in the back and the many sound effects.In 2000 i teamed up with a guy who made trance style songs since 1998.We made a couple of songs together.Since 2011 i’m composing songs alone.I have tried to make all types of sounds like hard core,ravebreakbeat,eurodance in old school style and started uploading them into Soundcloud.I also got the chance to appear in “Strictly Nu Skool” it’s called ROCK THE BEAT. The artists who inspire me are ULTRA SONIC, SY – KICK , THE PRODIGY , RECKLESS and many more. KEEP OLD SKOOL ALIVE!